8 libraries and bookstores in the world where you can sleep

8 libraries and bookstores in the world where you can sleep

It is possible to go without a reader or any books, but you will still have access to all of your books on vacation.
Simply let the pandemic to leave us alone to follow our emotions.

You can rent out virtual rooms at some of the world’s libraries and bookstores by the hour, day, or night to pass the time until your next journey to Aievea arrives.

Tokyo, Japan, book and bed.
A book variant of the renowned capsule hotels, “Book and Bed” in Tokyo offers communal lodging the size of a bed hidden behind a wall of bookshelves.

Visitors can reserve a spot on the couch for a few bucks during the day to read on the walls and ceiling, which are lined with 3,200 volumes in various languages.

Naples, Italy, is a city of mooks, sleep, and books.
In a hotel – the Neapolitan library – you will find more space and more volumes.
The space, which is divided into two apartments named after the Italian writer Italo Calvino and the Austrian psychiatrist Sigmund Freud, can accommodate up to eight guests, who can choose from more than 4000 books available at the library.

A bookshop in Philadelphia called “The Head and the Hand” (The Head and the Hand Bookstore)
Whether you want to sleep among bookshelves or you want a bookstore exclusively for you, the ability to walk freely and unobtrusively, a quiet cup of coffee and a warm pate, or perhaps you want to surprise your reading half with a dinner unlike any other, Philadelphia has what you’re looking for and more.

Each hour can be reserved.
Bookcase in the apartment Japanese cities such as Tokyo and Shinjuku are home to many international businesses and institutions.

In Shinjuku, the vibrant flats are part of a complex that rises on five stories and is well-known both within Japan and outside its borders.

Three storeys up from the ground floor are devoted to the bookstore, as well as plant-filled areas with hammocks and comfy spots to read and sleep, all of which can be rented for an hour or for the entire day.

It is possible to co-work on the following floor, and dichis is on the last floor.
Before a meeting, everything you need to prepare is located in the “powder room.”

Cincsor Guesthouse in Brașov has a library, which you can visit.
It has taken several years to transform the former gymnasium school in Cincşor into a boarding house, and two of the vast walls are covered in libraries.

The other two keep an eye on the fireplace and an ancient piano while allowing the light to drain from the white sofas and armchairs.

What better spot to forget about your troubles for an afternoon, to read by the fire in the fireplace in the fall, or to get married in the summer than this place?

Eugene, Oregon’s Tree House.
If you’ve ever daydreamed about what it would be like to live in the middle of a forest and climb up to the tree house in the evening to have a cup of tea while taking in the scenery and reading, this beautiful tree home is your dream come true!
In Wilmington, Vermont, you can find West End Antiques.

It is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week at the historic bookstore in Vermont.
You can spend the night in a magical setting and the next day browsing through hundreds of books in the bookstore while reclining on the comfortable couch.

Nantucket, Massachusetts is a literary haven.
Located on top of another literary oasis – Bookworks Bookstore – the owners of this building, with its high ceilings and sunny rooms, have “placed” an oasis of books that any enthusiastic reader would dream of spending a “reality-break” with dream readings.

You are not in a desert, but rather in a reading and leisure haven where you may escape the heat.
If you were unable to attend the Duke’s reception, please let us know in the comments section where you would like to escape stress and monotony.

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