Countries you can visit with 10 usd per day

Countries you can visit with 10 usd per day

Countries you can visit with 10 usd per day

Countries you can visit with 10 usd per day

Many exotic destinations seem inaccessible because of the large distance and pretty steep price to be paid for airfare. In reality, these countries are quite cheap, because once arrived on tourist does not have to spend too much.
The list is made by publication Huffington Post, so the states of Eastern Europe are incorporated herein remote destinations.

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Countries you can visit with 10 usd per day

1. Cambodia A stay here is very cheap, one night stay in a house of guests in very good condition, it costs more than $ 5. The food is very cheap and the beer costs just 50 cents. In addition, a dinner costs just $ 1-2, and the restaurants are very good.

2. Laos And here one night accommodation costs under $ 10 and a lunch or dinner around $ 2 a piece. And here is the recommended accommodation in guest houses, which are much cheaper than hotels, and the staff is much friendlier.

3. Jamaica Tourists who buy local produce will spend very little, while imports are very expensive. Accommodation is cheap, especially if shared with several relatives or friends. In total, $ 10 per day is enough for a day’s stay in Jamaica.

4. China Rural areas in China, very beautiful, and a destination are quite cheap. A menu costs 2-5 dollars, local transport is more than a dollar and accommodation under $ 20 per night. For example, an apartment in Shenzhen costs just $ 5 a day, much cheaper as accommodation in major cities such as Shanghai or Hong Kong. Variants are very good in Dali, Guilin, Sichuan and cheapest solution and is choosing a hostel instead of a hotel. Also, travelers should know that shoppers can negotiate prices so that it can get even half the amount originally requested.

5.Fiji Fiji has a reputation for luxury destinations. Indeed, there are hotel complexes where an overnight stay costs even $ 1,000 per night, but there are others, such dee hostels, where accommodation costs only $ 25. The transport on the islands is cheap, so souvenirs and beach access is free.

6. Eastern Europe, including Romania Countries in Eastern Europe are cheaper and less crowded as classic tourist destinations such as Prague or Paris. Thrillest travel site recommends visiting Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova and Ukraine, for their specific charm and low prices. These are among the few places in Europe where beer and water costs almost the same.

7. Nicaragua It is the cheapest destination in Central America. A room costs about $ 10, the food is accessible and leisure variations are endless. Tourists sunbathing, surfing or hiking.

8. Thailand One of the most visited countries in the world, Thailand offers tourists cheap, just $ 6 per night and a menu that starts at $ 5. Many sights are very cheap and for the most expensive tourist must pay more than $ 15. The most interesting restaurants are the backstreets, which are cheaper and very good food. The locals are very friendly and always ready to help tourists.

9. Bali Even if an exotic destination and often associated with luxury, Bali can reach the tourists who limit their budget just $ 20 a day. A room in a guest house beside the beach, costs only $ 10 a night, and a menu can be ordered for only 2-3 dollars.

10. Vietnam Vietnam is an important destination for tourists interested in history and culture. It also has numerous beaches, parks and a highly regarded kitchen. Local transportation is very cheap at half the cost of options offered by travel agencies. For accommodation there and option to rent a room from a local resident for only $ 5 per night.

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