FAQ – Top Flight booking offers Questions, Asked and Answered

How to Fly With a Pet

Yes, you can fly with Fido and Miss Kitty, but there are rules. Most airlines require a special carrier and charge fees for passengers who want to bring their cats and dogs onboard a flight. Make sure you read the complete list of rules and regulations when it comes to flying with your pets.

How Airlines Handle Pregnant Flyers

Most airlines allow pregnant women to fly up to 28 weeks. After that, there are myriad requirements and cut-off dates outlining when women who are expecting are no longer allowed to fly.

What Happens When a Flight Is Delayed or Cancelled

The first thing to do is not panic—delays are usually due to things out of our control like the weather, mechanical issues with the plane, traffic control issues, and more. However, there are some things you can do like immediately phone customer service to get rebooked, request a hotel and food voucher, head towards a business class lounge for free wifi, and more.

What Happens If an Airline Loses My Luggage?

It’s the worst nightmare of every airline passenger, but unfortunately, it’s a reality of air travel. A good rule of thumb is to always travel with an emergency kit in your carry-on that includes a dental travel kit and a mini deodorant.

Best Ways to Get an Upgrade to First or Business Class

Unfortunately, airlines are really getting tight with upgrades overall, especially on international flights. But there are still some ways you can get it— the best chances are to politely make the request if: You have gold or above frequent flyer status on an airline; if you have an airline-branded credit card; if you’ve bought a full-fare economy class ticket; or if you dress like you should be sitting in the premium class.None of these is a guaranteed bump up, but they can help.

How do I find the best flight booking offers?

Airlines use sophisticated algorithms to calculate demand for their seats. These so-called yield management systems mean that the price you’re being quoted for a flight may not be the lowest one. It’s based on demand for that flight based on historical averages. What’s more, if you don’t push the “buy” button now, the fare may be gone in a few minutes. Air travelers often find these systems frustrating and unfair, but remember if you buy, U.S. carriers are required to either “hold” your ticket for 24 hours or offer you a full refund, with certain exceptions.

Unfortunately, fixing the system sounds a lot simpler than it is. For example, if you’ve ever tried to buy a ticket and had the site tell you that the fare was “unavailable” (though a more expensive one was), then you’ve probably felt like the victim of a bait-and-switch. Truth is, you were probably a victim of caching — the practice of storing data on a site so that it can be retrieved quickly. The website just failed to refresh the data, so when you tried to buy the ticket, it was shown as already gone. The lowest advertised fare, or a special sale fare, also might not be available on your day of travel, especially if it’s a Friday or the day before a major holiday.