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Expectations of our guest bloggers:
■Publishing: Articles written for the “TRIPBITE”is also coupled from your diary and/or social media pages, but might not be printed on your diary
■Article rights: By writing for the “Tribite”, you give US with the rights to use the article indefinitely
■Images: every post should embrace a minimum of one supporting image or screen shot
■Short bio: you will embrace a sentence or 2 regarding you or your business. you’ll be able to embrace up to 2 links, to your web site, Blog, or Facebook.
■”Tripbite – A bounty of travel rewards” Actions has the correct to create changes to your article and therefore the title within the proofing stages

After we publish your guest post, you promise not to republish it on your own blog or anywhere else online. It’s totally fine to quote a paragraph or two from your guest post, but publishing the whole thing on another website isn’t cool. If you get an opportunity to republish it in a different medium –a print publication, a slideshow presentation, whatever– that’s OK with us, and I hope you’ll let us know so that we can congratulate you!

Content must be properly researched, grammatically correct, and plagiarism checked. Be careful here, your submission might get void.

At least 1000 words are expected from you. Use proper headings, subheadings, lists, and bullets wherever possible.

We hate cheaters, therefore we request you to submit your creation only. We are expecting your creativity, not your skill of “Ctrl+c | Ctrl+v”.

Giving reference is always good for readers, it helps them to dive more deeply into the topic. So don’t hesitate to cite and give credits to the sources. Both internal & external links are expected.

We quickly understand and always remember what we see rather then what we read or hear. Therefore, don’t forget to decorate your content with sufficient media (images, infographics, animations etc).

Any content that is intended for link building scheme or created for marketing purpose will be rejected. Biased and affiliate based articles will be rejected too.

Review & Moderation
All content shall be moderated considering given guidelines before publishing it.
Minor changes if required shall be carried out and prior notice to respective author shall be provided before publishing it.
We reserve the right to accept or reject the submission.

NOTE: 2 MB max upload size.